Holi and More.....

  Everyday Holi I gaze at my thoughts And I wonder The shades and colors In which I play Daily Its holi -the festival of colors everyday for me   Vision I see through the frosted glass Of my myopic vision And I only see the stationery bus parked On the street nonchalantly I don’t see the vast expanse of the busy road That is lying still in the heart of the night Only to wake to the hustle and bustle of the busy morn   Flow The loss and fear The hope and trust All part of the game To live and die To win and lose To go with the everyday flow   Stumbling I stumbled upon my thoughts My dark thoughts The inner recesses of the mind Still covered in sooth Of the embers burning from the past The sooth is well entrenched Only the gush of purity From the tears and toil Will wipe away this sooth forever   Feelings The twitching of  feelings In the mind’s eye The gush of uncontrollable emotions Intense and somber Like the twitching of the eye Can happen anytime The flood is overwhelming Sending a

Parts of Me

  A Part of Me A part of me breaks daily To be mended again Some parts remain that way To be mended some other day Or perhaps stay like that forever This breaking and mending journey is endless As old as time and life itself You could make it   a piece of art or a fine mess   Horizons The futility of efforts When the circle of toil Seems endless The sudden splurge of activities The grime , the sweat and dirt And no horizon on sight anywhere The game between the attainable horizon and the shifting sands of time Continue Till the grime and toil meet with these very sands And create a beautiful pearl Or the perfect sunrise on the horizon So toil you must though worry and fret May be your inconstant companions     Life Battle The intense soul searching The positive shift The draining out of all weeds and unwanted thoughts Does take a toll On the mind , body , soul But continue you must Even as the clarion call for the life b

Dream Poems

  Dream It’s a dream That falls As you sleep Like a tear drop Very casual and unplanned Hints at the possibilities That were and could be!!   On Life The casual fling That is life Or the lingering romance With life That is life The ups and downs The highs and lows All indicating that the relationship Whether it is fleeting or permanent Is what you decide Is still on

Marching ahead

    To leave the old behind Bundled with memories Sweet and sour Some bitter And some easily forgettable To leave all this behind And travel ahead Much lighter and fresher To take the day as it comes Even when the plan is there To walk with a sprightly feeling With a song on the lips And a lightness in the heart As the heavy baggage of the past is all left behind Immersed in the quicksands of history   The threads that bind And the threads that entangle Look so similar That one is entangled forever In the mind To separate the wheat from the chaff   Charcoals are diamonds in waiting The heat the grime The cold and the mire All go to ensure The mighty change As the charcoal transforms itself

Meeting ....

  Meeting A meeting with self And was surprised to meet the person That was waiting to meet me Since ages I guess   Reflect Deep reflection In still water Gave a clear picture Of what was hidden behind the face   Sedative The numbness of feeling Of thought Like a sedative working On mind ,body, soul Life itself is that sedative Blowing a big hole Thwarting life At times though  

Pandemic Poems

  A war inside A war outside The thousand implosions And explosions That are part of life Even as life goes on With the daily breathing , eating And all mundane tasks that we call life Or is it a strife     The Pandemics It is a pandemic for the time being Huge in size And on the rise But for the   unfought and unseen daily pandemics The pandemic of being inhuman under the guise of being human The pandemic of deceit, inequality and hurt The pandemic of opportunism and bigotry Of divides and barriers Of a dying humanity dying due to multiple pandemics at the same time The earth in its spinning it seems has lost it balance and rhyme  

Some Random Poems ....

Corporate World Mostly the corporate honchos die unsung .  In The long flights and fights .  The rug pulling and nitpicking , the clamour for power  even as the powers to be change like the changing season .  The race towards the chair probably made you unfit .  But you ran leaving aside friends family and interests .  Racing with foes and friends  .  Taking pride in every stride .  At the end with broken knees and an even broken spirit  Did reach the chair which didn't look so great up and close .  Distant hills look green as they say Soul power  Sometimes the body gives up .it is battered bruised and torn .  can't bear . The mind loses it strength.  Due to wear and tear .  But it is the spirit that drives . That fuels life .  Allows the body to get up  and rise .  Gives power to the mind .  Perhaps makes it more wise .  It's the inner strength the soul power that gives life a new turn. When you thought